Cosplay Contest
Join us for our cosplay contest! There are two categories kids (12 and under), and adults (13+). We have a HUGE assortment of prizes for first, second, and third place in both categories, plus every kid who enters will go home with a prize. But win or lose, enter the contest or not, everyone wins because coming to the con in costume will get you $1 off your admission. The contest will be hosted by the fabulous Kati Coe, with judging by the awesome Jesse Jarvis, Carter Cosplay, and Toxic Girl Cosplay. We are excited to see everyone's creations on Dec, 8th!
-Sign-ups are FREE.
-Contest will be held at 3pm.
-Sign-ups for the contest will be 11am-2pm.
-Adults cap at 75 contestants (so sign-up early!).
-No cap on kids.

Kevin D Cosplay

Cosplay Guest: Kevin D Cosplay

Kevin is a veteran cosplayer and a fixture of East Coast events in years past. He even appeared as Captain America in a Southern NJ comic shop commercial and as Negan in a local restaurant commercial! You may have seen him as Batman, Captain America, Wolverine, James Bond, The Comedian, and many more, at just about every major convention on the east coast. This year he joins us as a featured cosplayer! His award winning costumes have been featured by multiple online publications including Pop Culture Uncovered, Fan Boy Nation, as well as many others. When not appearing at conventions in his impressive cosplay, Kevin attends charity events as some of his most famous characters, while belonging to The Heroes Alliance and as a founding member of the Philadelphia Avengers.

Carter Cosplay

Cosplay Guest: Carter Cosplay

Carter Cosplay features as Agent Carter from Captain America the First Avenger as well as Captain Carter from the comics and Agent Carter from the television show. Carter Cosplay also cosplays as other popular characters such as: Cheryl Tunt from the show Archer, Charlotte Vandertunt from Archer Noir, Jyn Erso from Star Wars Rogue One, Lady Buella Percy for 7 years at the NJ Renaissance Faire and debuting this year as an original character, Madame Trixie Hyde based on Jekyll and Hyde. Carter Cosplay will be hosting a panel at Ocean City Comic Con; “Cosplay is for Everyone!” Cosplay does not discriminate in any way, shape or form. No matter what your race, gender, weight, height, etc - cosplay is for everyone. Everyone can cosplay as long as the passion is there and you want to cosplay. No matter what skill level you are from creating your own costumes to buying costumes, you are still and can be a cosplayer. If you can dream it, you can be it!

Kati Coe

Cosplay Guest: Kati Coe

Kati Coe is a cosplayer, toy enthusiast, and an overall supporter of the geek culture. From Delaware, she currently travels along the east coast, attending conventions and events as a cosplay guest, toy vendor, and enthusiastic spectator. If she’s not hosting a panel, or judging a costume contest, then you can usually find her overseeing operations at the Coenen Collectibles booth, a toy/comic/collectibles business that she co-owns. She has been featured on numerous media sites, including NerdCaliber, and In her spare time, if she’s not rummaging in flea market boxes, you can bet that she is either yelling at the sewing machine or praising her coffee maker.